NSW & ACT Prospectors and Fossickers Association Inc - Fighting to get fairer access for prospectors and fossickers


The NSW & ACT Prospectors and Fossickers Association Inc. fights for fairer access to land in NSW to prospect and fossick for minerals (especially gold) and gemstones; as well as for coins and relics.

Formed in December 2012, we aim to represent the needs and views of our community to government and others who manage access to land. 

If you prospect or fossick with a metal detector or other tools, or you are a coin or relic hunter,we need you to take action and join the cause now!

1884 Sovereign and nuggets. (Nero Design)

Show the same spirit that emerged at Eureka in 1854 when diggers united under a flag of the Southern Cross and pledged to fight for a fair deal!

“We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.”

Join the rebellion today! Use this link:

Or print out this application form below and mail it in.

If you are a CURRENT MEMBER and you wish to RENEW you can do so using this online form:

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