"Represent the interests of prospectors and fossickers" - Fighting for fairer access to land in NSW


The 2018 Annual General Meeting of NAPFA will be held at:

Stuart Town on Saturday 27th October 2018 at 1.00pm.

Stuart Town is located between Orange and Wellington NSW and is a 4 hour drive from Sydney, all on sealed roads.

The AGM will be held in the “School of Arts Hall” on Molong St (main street) two doors down from the hotel.

NAPFA chose this venue so as to fit all members into a hall, to get away from weather issues, and to have a public address system to make it easier for members to hear speakers.

Full details are in the following notice:

Friday will see members begin to arrive, and in the evening (approximately 7.00pm)  will see the opening of the weekend.

NAPFA plan to hold a session in the hall to welcome members and to provide an on screen presentation.

Saturday morning will be open to fossicking, and allow other members to arrive.

The AGM will be held from 1.00pm and will take 2 – 3 hours. To start the meeting on time we ask members to arrive by 12.30pm so they can:

  • Sign in and get their ticket for the door prize, 
  • Review the agenda and list any questions, comments or any new business to the committee,
  • Read the previous 2017 AGM minutes, 
  • Read the 2018 financial reports,  
  • Look at NAPFA policies, etc 

All members attending the AGM will be entered into a draw for a Go-Find metal detector.

The Prospectors auction will be held after the AGM. 

This is a NAPFA fundraiser and a bit of fun as well! 
NAPFA ask members to consider donating items to the cause. 

Saturday evening will see a Prospecting and Fossicking skills lecture to be held in the hall.

That’s all for now – hope to see you at the AGM!

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