"Represent the interests of prospectors and fossickers" - Fighting for fairer access to land in NSW

NAPFA membership

NAPFA encourages all prospectors and fossickers in NSW and the ACT to become members of the Association. 

Others who support the cause are also invited to join.

Remember that in 1854 at Eureka the diggers swore an oath to stand by each other.  

They lost the battle but eventually won the war   

Currently the NSW Division of Resources and Geoscience (DRG) are determined to greatly restrict the Prospectors and Fossickers of NSW. NAPFA expects things to get worse before they get better.

DRG is hell bent on banning the high banker and in their haste, will ban any other power-operated equipment that assists in fossicking. NAPFA continue working in detail and our public and political campaign is pre-pared. 

NAPFA Members Protect your rights.                         

We invite you to ‘Join the Rebellion’ for better access in NSW.  Help us to help you! 

Annual membership is just $25 per person 
or $40 Family (2 adults +  kids under 18) 
All memberships will run to 31 December 2019. 

Individual memberships get one vote, and one entry in the prize draw.

Families memberships get two votes, and two entries in the prize draw.

**All applications for membership are subject to the final approval of the NAPFA Committee. If you are not approved, then your money will be refunded.

All members go in the annual NAPFA prize draw !!!

This year we have as an incentive, thanks to our major corporate sponsor Minelab, the chance to win the legendary GPX 5000  – a serious machine for serious prospectors, see the full details and list of prizes here:

There are 3 ways to join NAPFA:

1. POST - Print form, follow details & post.        

Payment options are: cheque, money order, or pay at WESTPAC.
Click link below to print form, follow details and complete.

2. PAY FIRST - then complete online form. 

Payment options are:  EFT online or at a WESTPAC Branch.
Click link below to go to form, follow details and complete.

3. ONLINE  - Complete form & pay online.

Payment options are:  Pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal
Click link below to go to form, follow details and complete. 

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