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Sluicing and Highbanking

Members please note that due to ongoing work on this issue, NAPFA will not be publicly releasing all of its information. 
Members will be provided with the latest updates on this issue in the NAPFA NEWS sent directly to members in the following newsletters:

August 2019

The August newsletter has been sent to members, and contains some good news. NAPFA has made a breakthrough on the power operated equipment issue, which includes the high banker sluice. 

There is a lot of technical work to do, however, and a long road ahead for NAPFA. We now have the opportunity to demonstrate our activities and equipment, assess the impacts and effectiveness of mitigating controls, and to develop a suitable framework for regulations and guidelines. But this relies on the Prospectors and Fossickers doing the right thing in the field.

There is a lot of work to do, but the most significant hurdle as seen by NAPFA has been overcome.

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Some Recent History

Some history for our newer members, and to remind those fatigued with the many years of this………………..
The six months from August 2017 to January 2018 saw some serious progress in proving the facts, to the then Deputy Secretary Kylie Hargreaves.

NAPFA was promised a directive that the Division of Resources and Geoscience (DRG) would use their own risk-based process and apply it to our equipment, rather than rely on other arguments (often with non-factual reasons) to ban our equipment.

Another key promise was that NAPFA would be able to deal with environmental agencies independently of DRG, who would wait until NAPFA came back to the table with the outcomes. 

By March 2018 Deputy Secretary Kylie Hargreaves was removed from the position in a veil of secrecy. According to the ALP, and journalists at the time, only Minister Don Harwin knew the reason why.

By June, DRG had taken steps to penalise the Prospectors and Fossickers of NSW further with more draconian proposals. Nothing powered, what so ever.

To do so however, required a change in Regulations and/or Guides. The battle raged.
NAPFA fought these proposals and tackled the Resources Regulator (who would have to enforce any compliance) with vigour.

NAPFA found numerous “holes” in the so-called intentions, and the ball was left firmly in the Ministers hands by July 2018. NAPFA only received an answer from the Minister shortly before Christmas.

NAPFA were confident that there would not be any regulation changes leading up to the election, and hence no further restrictions to fossickers rights. 

Some very serious research into NAPFA’s past correspondence and dealings in many areas paid off. NAPFA found what we believe is the true reason for the attack on the high banker sluice. This set NAPFA on a course of presenting the facts, demonstrating a lack of process and obfuscation by DRG, rather than simply lobbying for what we wanted.

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