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Sluicing and Highbanking

Members please note that due to ongoing work on this issue, NAPFA will not be publicly releasing all of its information. 
Members will be provided with the latest updates on this issue in the NAPFA NEWS sent directly to members in the following newsletters:

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Some Recent History

The sluicing issues continue to be at the forefront of NAPFA’s lobbying with the DRG, and the single most important issue to Prospectors and Fossickers of NSW.
At the 2017 AGM it was agreed that NAPFA should run harder on this matter both with the Department and including new Minister Don Harwin, who had not been involved before November.
Members were willing to take the risk that this may further alienate the DRG given the lack of genuine engagement or a formal process with a suitable framework to address the issue properly, and no opportunity whatsoever to demonstrate the equipment through the DRG’s own environmental processes.

NAPFA then made 2 further submissions to the DRG. One to the Deputy Secretary of the DRG on 29/11/17 which is a very detailed 5 page submission, and contains the issues and complaints of the lack of proper process, failure to deliver promised information, and the presentation by the DRG of incorrect information. 

The second to the Resources Regulator on 23/11/17, (who are part of DRG) in reply to their previous correspondence to NAPFA which is a detailed 4 page submission, some of which details and questions the inconsistencies in the DRG's interpretation of Regulations, and the time taken (in years) to get answers on Regulation, from the Regulator.

NAPFA has received a reply from the Deputy Secretary and a promise to implement a proper process to assess the issues within the DRG’s own system.

NAPFA members have seen further detail in the articles in the NAPFA news.

Recently an investigation was launched from the Ministers office, which has taken some time to conduct. Answers from DRG have been tabled in a detailed responses from the Minister, which now allows NAPFA to reply and demonstrate where we see inconsistencies.

It will take some time to work through these issues.

Meanwhile DRG are determined to continue to make life difficult for the Prospectors and Fossickers of NSW and NAPFA expects things to get worse before they get better.

DRG is hell bent on banning the high banker and in their haste, will ban any other power-operated equipment that assists in fossicking. NAPFA continue working in detail and our public and political campaign is pre-pared. 

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