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NAPFA Information for Prospective Members 

NAPFA has put in a lot of effort, and continues to build on the previous great work to continue the fight for fairer access to land in NSW.

NAPFA achieved a milestone with Parks NSW where “Fossicking” is no longer simply a banned activity, and “Fossicking” is now included in their state policy. Lobbying since to Parks NSW has seen the Nuggetty State Conservation Area (SCA) and the Cells SCA in the Cottan-Bimbang National Park allow fossicking.

Our work with Crown Lands has seen some very promising future initiatives, and positive outcomes with the Stannifer reserves and the Tibooburra, Wattle Flat, and Stuart Town Commons.

There have been over 27 additional Fossicking Districts gazetted, with Oberon in the last few month.

NAPFA’s lobbying on the power operated equipment issue has seen us have a lengthy meeting and demonstration to the Minister of the issues.

NAPFA has had some minor training courses, however we will endeavour to run more of these for members benefits. These will be run by highly experienced prospectors and geologists.

NAPFA’s newsletter now averages 18 pages and is exclusively for members. It is published on average 4 times per year and contains information on our lobbying progress, updates of events, sponsors competitions and price or product specials.

With a strong membership we will have the ability to fight to protect and further your rights as prospectors and fossickers.

The politicians do recognise the importance of our activities, and the benefits for citizens to be able to follow in the footsteps of those that built this nation’s wealth. They come and go, but our bureaucrats do not. Unchecked, bureaucrats and competing interests will continue their attack on our activities. Over time they will circumvent the political directives using the weapons of red and green tape.

The Dept has incrementally removed the non-corporate prospector and miner from NSW over time. The ability to prospect for new resources is all but gone, and the attack on the fossicker continues.

Without NAPFA, the right to prospect and fossick in NSW would have been dealt some critical blows in the last few years, and our activities severely curtailed. Our fight is real, and we will keep up the hard work.

In November 1854 a flag, representing the Southern Cross, with white stars on a dark blue background, was flown at Bakery Hill. The diggers took the ‘Oath of the Southern Cross’. They knelt, and with heads uncovered pointed to the banner and said:

“We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties”

This was the beginning of the Eureka rebellion. NAPFA members take pride in the fact that only they honour this oath. NAPFA is the only organisation that has made representation and progress since 2012 to defend and further our rights. In doing so NAPFA provides a service to the general public and the rest of Prospectors and Fossickers of NSW. We welcome you to nominate for membership of NAPFA.

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