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The following are some useful links, in no special order, which you may find useful in your quest. Check them all out and use the ones that work for you! -- Prospectors and Miners Association of Victoria Inc. -- Victorian Seekers' Club Inc -- Tasmanian Prospecting -- Queensland Prospecting Club -- All about alluvial prospecting. Good supporter of NAPFA. -- Gold Detecting and Prospecting Forum. Has been around a good while and is quite popular. A very good supporter of NAPFA from the very beginning. Organised charity fundraiser at Laanacoorie in the past couple of years. -- Online forum, prospecting and lots of other topics plus member competitions. Organises regular trips and would appeal to all. Forum started at the same time as NAPFA. -- Australian Metal Detecting and Relic Hunting. -- Online forum, general prospecting -- 10,000 plus registered users. -- Faceboook page of the Dubbo Prospecting, Fossicking and Camping Club -- Website for the Dubbo Prospecting, Fossicking and Camping Club. This is a very active club with around 3,000 members and is wellworth a look. They organise regular trips and count some NAPFA members in their number.

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