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NAPFA makes submissions on matters of interest to the NSW and ACT Fossicking Community. The purpose of these is to highlight the changes that are needed in NSW and to seek fairer access for prospectors and fossickers..

A number of detailed correspondences have taken place between NAPFA and the Ministers Office, DRG and the Resources Regulator. NAPFA will discuss these in some detail with members at the AGM.

June 19, 2018 - Joint Management Plan for the Dja Dja Wurrung Parks.

This submission seeks to allow recreational prospecting to continue with minimal restrictions in the Dja Dja Wurrung Parks.

October 16, 2017 - Monga State Conservation Area Plan of Management

Monga SCA POM.pdf (PDF — 1 MB)

This submission states the case to enable recreational fossicking in these National Park managed lands.

August 21, 2017 - VEAC Central West Investigation

This submission supports the Prospectors and Miners Association of Victoria (PMAV) campaign against more national park exclusions in Victoria's fossicking areas.

August 14 2017- Submission into Plan of Management Review of Cottan-Bimbang, Cells SCA and National Parks

This submission states the case to enable recreational fossicking in these National Park managed lands.

May, 2017 - Submission to support Regulation changes to allow highbanking

This detailed document addresses all of the concerns of the department about highbanking and proposes sensible compromises.

May 20, 2017 - Submission on Plan of Management for Sturt National Park

This document argues that there are areas of Sturt National Park that could be opened to fossicking as a way to boost local tourism and provide additional fossicking locations in the area.

May 15, 2017 - Submission into review of Travelling Stock Routes

This document outlines the opportunities and benefits of enabling fossickers to more freely access Travelling Stock Routes across NSW.

Nov 2016 - Submission on Plan of Management for Copeland Tops State Conservation Area

This document seeks NPWS consent to fossick in Copeland Tops State Conservation Area. In response to Draft Plan of Management, released August 2016.

May 2016 - Comments on Draft NSW National Parks Policy on fossicking

This detailed document responds to the draft Fossicking policy put out for consultation by NSW National Parks. NAPFA has been working with NPWS for almost three years to bring about the formation of this draft policy. See … policy.htm

January 2016 - Objection To Sale Of Crown Land Near Sofala

Objection to the sale of land fronting the Turon River just upstream from the historic tourist township of Sofala.

November 2015 - Submission to NSW Crown Lands Objecting to Road Closures

This objection to road closures came from concerned members who saw the notice in local papers and notified NAPFA. The replies show that we won two and

June 2015 - Sluicing paper to Department of Resources and Energy

This detailed document argues that use of small scale motorised equipment (such as high-bankers) should be within the scope of the current 2010 regulations.

September 26, 2014 -- EL requirement for fossickers

NAPFA met with the NSW Minister for Resources and Energy, Anthony Roberts, on Friday 26 of September to argue for the removal of the current requirement in the Mining Act for recreational fossickers to require the permission of Exploration Lease holders prior to fossicking in areas that are not Fossicking Districts.

June 2014

NAPFA provided comprehensive comments this month to the NSW Crown Lands Legislation White Paper about matters that are of concern to our members and indeed all fossickers in NSW. 

The White Paper sets out a range of intended changes in the way that Crown Land is managed in NSW. 

By way of background, Crown Land in NSW covers 33 million hectares or 42 per cent of the state. It does not include national parks and state forests. Around 30 million hectares is in the Western Division of NSW which incorporates around 6,500 Western Lands Leases. Town Commons are also included.

The changes seek to simplify the management of Crown Land in NSW and to make sure that a modernised approach to Crown Lands continue to benefit the people of NSW.

However, NAPFA identified a number of important risks which included:

  • additional ownership rights to Western Lease holders – which could make access by fossickers to these areas even more difficult than at present;
  • potential to get rid of Town Commons – which could have a detrimental impact on access in places like Hill End, Tibooburra and Stuart Town just to name a few;
  • more involvement by local councils who could act parochially and limit access.

Our 10 page submission went into detail about these matters, and highlighted some of the potential economic benefits for regional areas from fossicking tourism.

At some point the NSW government will make all the submissions public, at which time we will provide a link to the full document.

It was pleasing that a number of other fossickers put in individual submissions to let the powers that be know how people feel.

PS: If you are not a member of NAPFA -- please consider joining as we are working to improve things for you. 

July 2013

Submission to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into tourism in local communities.

Our submission was made in June 2013.  

NAPFA was invited as a witness to the hearing. Supplementary questions were answered by the NAPFA President:

The recommendations summary has detail on fossicking: 

The full report is here:

The government response is here:

February 2013 

Submission to NSW National Parks about Tuena-Crookwell State Conservation Area Plan of Management.

Our submission was made on 24 February 2013. 

Status - we are meeting with NSW NP in October to discuss what might be possible. 

Submission to the Victorian Environment Assessment Council Investigation into Additional Prospecting Areas in Parks.  

Our submission was made on 8 February.

Status: The investigation has reported back.  

The Victorian Government has yet to respond to the investigation. However the Prospectors and Miners Association of Victoria PMAV) is not happy with the VEAC report on the grounds that it attempts to wind back prospector rights and does not adequately address prospector needs.

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